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December 7, 2013


If you see this then you haven't experienced the DNS refresh yet because Binary Blogger has moved platforms. This is no longer the location where you will find me.

The new blog has a menu across the top, new interface, new posts, and a new attitude going forward.

Depending on DNS propagation both of these links should send you to the new IP. Maybe only does and not the WWW yet. Clear your cache, check your browsers, if all on your system so completely rebuild it if the above doesn't work. Just kidding, don't do that.

The move should be seamless but the way the Internet works, migrations and DNS tend to get in the way of each other. So time will prevail.

December 5, 2013

December 5, 2013 Two million Facebook, Gmail and Twitter passwords stolen by ‘criminal gang’

Full Article Here - Two million Facebook, Gmail and Twitter passwords stolen by ‘criminal gang’

Two million passwords for social media and email accounts have been released online by hackers, IT security experts have discovered.

from Binary Blogger's Pocket Two million Facebook, Gmail and Twitter passwords stolen by ‘criminal gang’

December 4, 2013

December 4, 2013 Moving Binary Blogger To Wordpress

Binary Blogger is going to move but don't worry for the reader the transition should be seamless. I have done the research and took the first steps today to prepare to move this blog to a self-hosted Wordpress blog. Currently I use Google Blogspot and have for all my blogs for over 5 years now. In total I have invested $20 dollars into this blog out of pocket, $10/yr for the domain registration for the last two years, so a minimal side effort. But that also means that everything that I have don't to the blog over the years is q00% manual and full of coding, tasks that I know longer have the time or patience for.

I desire to kick this blog to the next level and Google's offering doesn't support the robust flexibility I need to do that the way I want to do it. Wordpress' platform does offer that expansive freedom that I would like to have and in some cases need to do somethings I want to. Now with the explosion of the open source inclusions everything is pretty much hands off, but I can still go into the CSS and PHP files if I need to an tweak, which I have already started to do.

Why am I moving?

First off from a feature, function and support standpoint Wordpress I feel is stronger in that respect. The open source nature of it should not scare you away, self-hosting should not scare you away, cost should not scare you away. It's still a darn cheap side effort in the grand scheme of things.

Second reason I am moving is I do not trust Google anymore to keep free services around. They are known to kill off services that they cannot capitalize from and I can feel in the Google Force that there is a chance the Blogger platform will be merged with Google+. There has already been movements to remove and centralize the Internet to your single identity and the blogging platform is probably next. Why post to a separate platform when you can post full stories on your own Google+ profile... or pay us to have a pro level, business apps with a blog.

Third is blogger power. I am no longer tied to things I can and cannot do within the framework of the hosted world. I am now self hosted and can do whatever I want.

How did I move?

Looking around and digging deep I kept seeing coming up as the number one rated self hosting site for Wordpress blogs. I also found an article to keep searching and eventually you find a special on their services. I ended up with a deal for $3.95/mo, unlimited everything. 3 year agreement for that monthly cost but I don't see me stopping anytime soon.

The conversion was so simple I had to check it many time to make sure I didn't miss anything. There are a few links to get to a section to setup a Wordpress platform on my new website. One click and it was done. It built the MySQL databases, configured it, downloaded and configured the blogging platform, installed everything, that was it.

Since then it has been reading and research on how the platform works, plugin installations and configuring the new blog site. When I am completed I will redirect my DNS for my domain swinging it to my new location and that will be it. A few tweaks here and there to the RSS and subscription links and I'll be set.

So far in my setup I am beating myself up why I didn't switch before.

Google Blogger is fine for quick, simple, and blog only. But if you are going to go beyond that, Wordpress has the features and flexibility you need.

End of Line.
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December 3, 2013

December 3, 2013 Still on Windows XP? Time to review your options.

Full Article Here - Still on Windows XP? Time to review your options.

Does your organization still have a significant number of endpoints still running Windows XP? Don't worry, you're not alone- Forrester's Q3 2013 Hardware Survey shows us that the average organization still has 20% of their employee endpoints running XP.

from Binary Blogger's Pocket Still on Windows XP? Time to review your options.

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